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RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES-Systematic Literature Review


6 weeks Self-Paced

The course is offered in standalone mode or self-paced. This means that will be open continuously so you can do it at your own pace. On the other hand teachers participate somewhat less monitoring post, still you have support on their part but it may take more to answer your questions.

About This Course

Learning Outcomes:

Create and follow a protocol for literature review. (Both in the case of writing a theoretical framework or a systematic review)


Basic English skills for searching in scientific databases.

Course documentation is mainly in English. (Video transcripts are available in English and Spanish but audio recordings are in Spanish)

It is recommended to have access to SCOPUS or Web of Knowledge subscription through their schools or workcenters or personal subscription (this course does not create a subscription to these services for students) otherwise you can only use Google Scholar. It is also necessary that students open an account with Mendeley (at least in the free version) and the desktop application will be installed.

Course Staff

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Juan A. Marin-Garcia

Soy profesor titular en el departamento de Organización de Empresas de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Desde 1994 imparto docencia a tiempo completo de “gestión” y “trabajo en equipo” en el grado de ingeniero industrial e ingeniero de Organización y también en doctorado y máster (como profesor y como director de los programas). Participo frecuentemente en formación para profesores y personal universitario, talleres de formación para mandos y trabajadores de empresas de España y El Salvador (América Central). Miembro fundador de los grupos de investigación i-GRHUP, ROGLE e IEMA, en los cuales participo. He publicado artículos científicos sobre gestión participativa, mejora continua, TQM, TPM, Lean Manufacturing y aprendizaje activo en docencia universitaria.

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    29 Mar 2016
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    4 horas a la semana