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Boosting Innovation And Entrepreneurship In The Food Sector


5 weeks

About this course

The course focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship (I) in the European food sector developed in the framework of the European project “Boosting relevant and applicable continuing education in the food sector” during the period 2018-2020.

What i will learn

  • The key aspects of I&E in the food sector
  • The characteristics of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
  • The importance and role of the team
  • Understand different types of and the creative path towards innovation
  • Recognize the importance of a sound financial plan

Target audience

Food professionals, employees (technical staff and leaders), entrepreneurs and start-ups, together with students and lecturers at educational institutions, stakeholders representing the food sector and the general society.


  1. Boosting Innovation And Entrepreneurship In The Food Sector
  2. Active People
  3. Finding the Golden Nugget
  4. All about the Money

Course Staff

Nanna Viereck

Besides being associate professor, I am deputy head of research and innovation at Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen since 2014, with the major task of conducting strategic development of the department within research and innovation. I have an applied approach to research and a strong connection to the Danish food industry – with focus on the green challenges and growth potential in the sector. In brief, my own major research interests are: the use of quantitative NMR spectroscopy for screening of food quality parameters using multivariate approaches in the data analysis.

Lars Bogo

Lars Bogø Jensen was an Associate Professor at the National Institute for Food at the Technical University of Denmark. Lars conducted research in close collaboration with industry on the occurrence and transmission of antibiotic resistance in the food chain. Lars was active in starting up entrepreneurship courses and was chairman of the study board at the National Food Institute. During the development of the curriculum and learning materials for the e-learning course, Lars unfortunately passed away.

Cristina Barrera

Cristina Barrera holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering and a PhD in Food Science and Technology from the Universitat Politècnica de València, where she is an associate professor. Her teaching activity at the Food Technology Department focuses on engineering and technological aspects of those unit operations of food processing that involve a mass transport. As for her research activity, it is developed at the Institute of Food Engineering for Development and studies the relationship between functionality of foods and their structure as affected by the processing. Currently, she collaborates in obtaining ingredients for food use from the food industry by-products.

Lucía Seguí

Agricultural Engineer and PhD in Food Science and Technology, she is Associate Professor teaching Food and Biotechnological Process Engineering and researcher at the Institute of Food Engineering for Development (UPV). Her research activity has been focused on the study of mass transfer phenomena and structure-property relationships during food dehydration, and, more recently, in the valorisation of food residues to produce biofuels, other value-added products and functional food ingredients. She has been involved in several regional and national research projects and published around 30 JCR research papers and book chapters.

Ana Heredia

PhD in Food Science and Technology, she is Associate Professor in Food and Biotechnological Science & Technology and researcher at the Institute of Food Engineering for Development (UPV) since 2004. She actively participates in national and European research projects and has published more than 60 JCR research articles mainly focused on: (a) effect of gastrointestinal digestion conditions on macro and micronutrients bioavailability, (b) new healthier food design or (c) impact of food processing on functional compounds stability, among other topics.

Marisa Castelló

Marisa Castelló is a Food and Biotechnological Processes Engineering lecturer at UPV since 2004. Besides, she has coordinated the course “Specialist in Food Industries” and she is the secretary of the course “Postharvest Technology of Citric and Emergent Crops in the Mediterranean Region”. Her research is focused on the reformulation of healthier traditional foods and in the characterization of minimally processed products.

Julio Carreras

He is currently the economical manager of IUIAD at UPV with more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of innovation in the agri-food sector, developing his professional career both in the public sphere (FAO, Conselleria de Agricultura and Universitat Politècnica de Valencia) and in the private one (food industries and AINIA technological center). He has participated and led technology transfer projects at national and European level (Framework Program, National Plan, Interreg, etc.) and he has been involved as an innovation expert in numerous networks (Industry Technological Prospective Observatory - OPTI, Leadership for eight years of the agri-food sector group of the Enterprise Europe Network - EEN or the Office of R&Di business projects of the Valencian Community - OPIDI-CV).

Ruth de los Reyes

CEO at Microbiotech Spin-off and PhD in Agrofood engineering. She has wide expertise in microwave applications and food research management (IIAD, 2004-2009 and ITACA, 2009-2013). Her entrepreneurial spirit and multidisciplinary aproche has led her to tackle different self-employment initiatives, not only as agronomist but also as professional soprano and teacher.

Natalia Lajara

Natalia Lajara-Camilleri (PhD Agricultural Engineer, 2015) is a lecturer in the School of Agricultural Engineering and Environment at the Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain. Her research has focused in competitiveness of businesses, particularly cooperatives and has published articles in international journals. She currently teaches Business Economics at the Universitat Politècnica de València.

Guillermina Tormo

Guillermina Tormo Carbó (PhD in Industrial Engineering, 2011) is an Associate Professor in Business Management at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) where she is affiliated to the Research Center for Business Management. (CEGEA). Currently, she is Director of the Analysis and Prospection for Employability and Entrepreneurship area at UPV. She has been also involved in EU projects related to entrepreneurship, such as Climate-KIC Pioneers and Climate-KIC Accelerator.

Gabriel García-Martínez

Gabriel García-Martínez (PhD Universitat Politècnica de València, 2004) is a senior lecturer in the School of Agricultural Engineering and Environmentat the Univesitat Politècnica de València, Spain. He has authored several journal articles and book chapters on cooperatives and social enterprises. He has a particular interest in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) applied to the food industry and agrifood cooperatives. He teaches accounting and finance at the Universitat Politècnica de València.

Azzurra Meoli

Azzurra Meoli is an Assistant Professor in Management at the University of Bologna. She earned a Ph.D. in Management at the University of Bologna in March 2018. Her research interests fall primarily within the management area, with a particular focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. She has been a visiting scholar for a year at the Whitman School of Business, Syracuse University. Her works are presented at the BCERC, AOM, DRUID, and published in the field's top journals. Azzurra is an Industrial Engineer, and before joining academia, she had several experiences in national and international enterprises.

Tim Hobley

Tim Hobley is an Associate Professor at the National Institute for Food at the Technical University of Denmark. Tim conducts research in close collaboration with industry and start-ups in the area of fermented drinks and use of food by-products for producing ingredients and high value products. Tim has also been involved in designing and teaching courses on entrepreneurship, innovation and high-tech start-ups over the last 8 years and is responsible for the Danish Ecotrophelia competition.

Sunny Mosangzi Xu

Sunny Mosangzi Xu is a PhD fellow at the group of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management, in the Department of Food and Resource Economics at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science. Previously trained as an applied anthropologist, her research interest is centered around understanding the practices and processes of interorganizational collaboration and innovation in a temporary setting. She teaches entrepreneurship and innovation Master's courses with a particular focus on megatrends, qualitative research methods, design thinking, business model and business model canvas. She tries to bring the theoretical perspective into practices, while bridging the Natural Sciences disciplines with those of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Marcel Bogers

Marcel Bogers is a Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Department of Food and Resource Economics at the Faculty of Science of the University of Copenhagen. He is also a senior research fellow at the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation at the Haas School of Business of the University of California, Berkeley. His main interests center on the design, organization and management of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. More specifically, his research explores openness and participation in innovation and entrepreneurial processes within, outside and between organizations. In this context, he has studied issues such as open innovation, business models, family businesses, users as innovators, collaborative prototyping, improvisation, and university-industry collaboration.

Gergana Romanova

Gergana Romanova, PhD Fellow, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science, Department of Food & Resource Economics, Unit for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management. My PhD study explores the phenomenon of university industry collaboration, primarily in the food sector. I teach and supervise master's students in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. In my research, I aim to understand how university-industry collaborative research projects are managed and I am particularly interested in how open innovation and open science are practiced in science collaborations.

Marco Dalla Rosa

Marco Dalla Rosa, PhD in Food Biotechnology. Full Professor of Food Science and Technology, Coordinator of the Bachelor Degree Course in Food Technology at the University of Bologna, Campus of Food Sciences of Cesena. President of the Italian Coordination of Food Science and Technology Degree Courses.Author of more than 300 scientific papers, invited speaker in over 200 events in Italy and abroad (H-index Google Scholar 42, Scopus 35). Scientific responsible of several regional and national research projects.

Gerhard Schleining

Dr. Gerhard Schleining graduated in Food and Biotechnology. His research and teaching areas are food quality and safety management. He is active in several international organisations and he coordinated several years an international Master programme “Safety in the food chain” and he was also teaching and organizing workshops at several Universities in China, France, Kazachistan, Thailand and Vietnam. He coordinated two European projects and was partner in several European projects related to innovative teaching materials, methods and tools.

Rainer Svacinka

Rainer Svacinka is an IPMA certified Project Manager (cPM) with a MSc degree in Food- and Biotechnology. Working for 10 years in Research Project Management and Consulting, his expertise lays in project development, project management during the project implementation (including reporting and controlling) and project management trainings. Since 2007 he supports Universities, research organisations SMEs and Industry in developing their research agenda and aligning it with H2020, Erasmus+ program and national funding schemes. He is project manager of several Erasmus+ projects including the currently running ASKFOOD Knowledge Alliance. Since 2018 Rainer Svacinka is CEO of sumo Technologies, a start-up developing digital knowledge management and training solutions. He trains research project management at several Universities, is evaluator for the young project manager award in Austria as well as a coach in the IPMA Coaching and Mentoring programm for young project managers around the globe.

Line Friis Lindner

Line Friis Lindner has a doctorate in the social sciences from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria, and a post graduate master’s degree in European Studies from the College of Europe, Poland. She has more than 10 years experience working as research fellow and project manager on various EU-funded projects in the field of food science (FP6, FP7, Erasmus+ and H2020).

Christoph Knöbl

Christoph Knöbl is a student at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. His field of study is food and biotechnology. Through his work at the department of food science and technology, as well as another non-profit organization, he has been involved in several projects in the food sector.

Valentina Materia

Dr. Valentina C. Materia, PhD Assistant Professor|Business Management and Organisation Group|Wageningen University, email: She is Assistant Professor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Chains and Networks at the Business Management and Organisation group of Wageningen University. She obtained her PhD in Economics at the Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona (Italy). As applied economist who developed an interest in innovation as connected to organization theories, institutional economics, business management and value chain analysis, Valentina’s research focuses on the dynamics and organization of innovation in agri-food supply chains, women entrepreneurship in challenging contexts, governance and management of knowledge.

Gitte Schober

Dr. BM Schober is the coordinator of the 'Entrepreneurship @WUR' team which focusses on all kinds of entrepreneurial activities at WUR ranging from curricular courses, research projects, extracurricular workshops, to incubation of early stage student startups in our incubator Starthub on Wageningen Campus.

Davide Viaggi

Davide Viaggi is a Full Professor in Agricultural Economics and Rural Appraisal at the University of Bologna. His research interests are: agricultural policy evaluation, economics of water use in agriculture, environmental evaluation, economics of agri-environmental schemes, farm management. He was the coordinator of the projects CAP-IRE (FP7), CLAIM (FP7) and PROVIDE (H2020), currently coordinator of the CONSOLE projects (H2020).

Silvia Russo

Silvia Russo is a PhD student. She graduated in Agricultural Science and Technology in 2018 and worked for two years as a research fellow at the University of Bologna.


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